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Some of Our Greyhound Tips Winning Slips

Despite the demise of lots of Greyhound Racing Stadiums in this country, greyhound racing is still a massive sport. For those of you that are interested in earning either a full-time or second wage from betting on greyhound racing & are maybe fairly new to the sport, your first glance at a race-card maybe a somewhat daunting experience. “What do all these symbols & abbreviations mean!?” So we thought it might be a nice idea to explain them to you.

Not that you are going to need to be able to read a greyhound race-card to use our information, but it’s still nice to know what it all means when you are betting.

You will see below a sample of a typical greyhound race-card as you would find if you went to a greyhound race meeting or opened up a copy of the Racing Post.


Belle Vue Greyhound Racing RaceCard Example

Example of a Greyhound Racing Race-Card


In this example we are looking at the form of Trap 1 in this particular race as pointed out by arrow “A” & we can see it’s called “End of The Line” so working through the arrows B to O the information we are given is this:

B: The date of the greyhounds last run (most recent at the top).

C: The particular greyhound track the race was run at.

D: The distance of the race.

E: The trap the greyhound was racing from.

F: This is what they call the “split time”. This is the time it took the greyhound to get to the first bend. In this example you will see that it took 4.53 seconds.

G: The position of the greyhound throughout the race.

H: The eventual finishing position

I:  How far the greyhound was beaten by in lengths. You will see this particular dog was beaten by 13 & 3/4 lengths back in 5th (lengths equal the length of a greyhound)

J: The name of the greyhound that won, or come 2nd if our example had of won that race, the race in question.

K: This is where all the abbreviations come in, you will see them listed below.

L: The overall time the race was won.

M: The odds it went off at.

N: The grade of the race.

O: This is the time the greyhound recorded in the race, taking into account the going as marked on our example by “*“.


Now for all those confusing abbrevations:

Aw: Away Calc: Calculated Disp: Disputed Fr: From
Awk: Awkward Chl: Challenged Disq: Disqualified H: Hurdles
B: Badly CK: Checked dk: Dark (Colour) Hcp: Handicap
b: Bitch Clr: Clear DNF: Did Not Finish Hd: Head
bd: Brindle (Colour) CmAg: Came Again E: Early HndTm: Hand Timed
be: Blue (Colour) Crd: Crowded EvCh: Every Chance Imp: Impeded
Blk: Black (Colour) d: Dog F: Favourite Ir: Irish
Bmp: Bumped DH: Dead Heat f: Fawn (Colour) J: Joint Favourite
Brk: Break DINT: Deliberate Interference Fd: Faded Ld: Led/Lead
C: Co-Favourite Dis: Distance FIn: Finished LN: Line
Lm: Lame P: Pace Scr: Scratch Styd: Stayed
Mid: Middle Q: Quick (Away etc.) Sh: Short Head STm: Split Time
Msd: Missed Rec: Recorded SP: Starting Price Stb: Stumbled
N: Normal Rls: Rails SPI: Sectional Placings T: Trial
Nk: Neck RnIn: Run in Sn: Soon Tk: Track
Nr: Near RnOn: Ran on Ssn: Season Wll: Well
OutP: Out Paced Rst: Rest S: Slow (Away etc.)
OR: Open Race S: Stayers Stt: Start

Hopefully that has taken away some of the confusion for you. But as we mentioned before, you don’t need to worry about how to read a race-card to profit from our information. All your greyhound betting tips will be emailed to you. All you need to do is place the bets & collect the winnings!



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